Occupational Health Consultants

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Occupational medicine specialists serve as de facto health officers for the working population.
Occupational Health Consultants specialize in providing physical examinations and medical surveillance programs for biomedical companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area



Wellness Evaluation | Medical Guidance | Medical Surveillance

Wellness Evaluation

OHC's fitness-for-duty examinations focus on evaluating the prospective employees' fitness to meet "mission essential functions of the job." The health and safety of employees on the job are also periodically evaluated. More

Medical Guidance

OHC can provide guidance on medical toxicology, developing business continuity programs, and implementation of post-exposure programs for B Virus, Vaccinia, blood-borne pathogens, and other select agents. More

Medical Surveillance

OHC's surveillance programs are aimed at promoting the health of employees and providing guidance for health and safety at the workplace. Medical surveillance facilitates the rapid return of injured or ill employees to work. More

Service Categories

Clinic Services | Onsite Services | Medical Consultation

Clinic Services

Physical examinations to establish fitness for duty and medical history are usually conducted at the OHC Clinic. More

On-site Services

Physical assessments, sera collections, and on-site surveys are conducted at the clients' location. More

Medical Consultation

Examples of consultative services are infectious diseases consultation and pre-deployment clearance examinations. More


Physical Examinations | Occupational Immunizations  |  Vaccinations


Physical examinations are an integral part of medical surveillance programs for our clients' employees. OHC offers pre-employment, periodic and exit physical examinations. More


OHC offers its clients several immunization programs aimed at protecting employees from exposure to blood-borne pathogens, zoonotic diseases, and other laboratory agents. More


Through its Travel Clinic, OHC offers vaccination to travellers visiting regions with high incidence of infectious or neglected tropical diseases. The clinic also administers routine Td, TDAP, and MMR vaccinations. More

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The OHC Clinic

The OHC clinic is staffed by highly experienced medical staff trained in epidemiology.
The clinic is led by a medical director specialized in occupational medicine and infectious diseases.


Occupational Health Consultants are one of Maryland's leading occupational health and travel advisory and immunization clinics. Our expertise is in occupational health, tropical medicine and infectious diseases. In addition, we run a comprehensive Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic for our corporate and individual clients.


Occupational Health Consultants
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