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 About Occupational Health Consultants

The Occupational Health Consultants' staff are well qualified to assist with your company's occupational medical needs. Our staff includes:

medical sign Medical Director, Dr. Michael A. Sauri, MD, MPH & TM, FACP, FACPM

medical sign Administrator, Sherry Greenfield

medical signNurse Practitioner, Mary Nichols, CRNP

medical signNurse Manager, Christopher Sibley, RN

Dr. Michael A. Sauri

Dr. Michael Sauri, Founder and Medical Director of Occupational Health Consultants, has been a consultant in occupational medicine, infectious diseases and medical toxicology for large number of biotechnology companies in the Washington metropolitan area since 1987. He also serves as a tropical medicine consultant to several large international corporations and to many travelers via the Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic.

He received his Medical Degree from Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine (Chicago) and Masters in Public Health/Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from Tulane University. During his twelve years in the Military, Dr. Sauri received Residency training in General Preventive Medicine in the US Air Force (USAF School of Aerospace Medicine) and General Internal Medicine in the US Army (Brooke Army Medical Center) and Infectious Diseases Fellowship training in the US Navy (Bethesda Navy Hospital). In addition, he received his third Board certification in Occupational Medicine in 1994, was certified in Tropical Medicine in 1997 and became board eligible for Medical Toxicology since 2000.

Dr. Sauri is the recipient of numerous awards and decorations from the Department of Defense, State Department, as well as State and Local governments, including the Humanitarian Service Medal. Dr. Sauri separated from the military at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and had the distinction of being the first physician to have been awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal (the highest peace-time military service medal). He has authored numerous articles in the area of Chemical/Biological Warfare, Medical Care of Refugee/Displaced Populations, Tropical Diseases, and AIDS.

Dr. Sauri was selected ten times by his Peers in the biannual Physician Poll as one of the top Infectious Diseases Specialists in the Washington Metropolitan Area (Washingtonian Magazine (Nov 1991, Nov 1993, Nov 1995, April 1999, October 2002, Jul 2005, Apr 2008 and Mar 2010) and as one of the top Internal Medicine Specialists (Nov 2002,  Jul 2005) and in Oct 2011 by Super Doctors Poll.

Download Dr. Sauri's Resume (English ) (Spanish )

Articles Published by Dr. Michael A. Sauri

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Michael Sauri, MD, "Bioterrorism Treatment Information Sheet," Maryland Medical Journal, Autumn 2002, Volume 3, No 4, Pp 40-42.



Mary Nichols, CRNP

Mary Nichols has been a member of the Occupational Health Consultants for 6 years. Her professional experience includes 27 years experience as an RN in acute and outpatient settings, as well as, management and teaching positions . She received her BSN from The Catholic University of America in 1979 and her MSN in 2000, from the University of Maryland. She is a board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner . She has special interest in evaluation and prevention of occupational injuries, travel medicine and vaccine preventable diseases. She is the lead advisor for the Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic, a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine. She holds current certification in CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.



Christopher L. Sibley, RN

Christopher L. Sibley, RN has supervised the professional nursing staff at Occupational Health Consultants for 15 years. Mr. Sibley has 19 years of clinical experience which includes positions in hospital emergency rooms and out-patient clinics. His broad clinical nursing experience and technical skills has allowed Occupational Health Consultants to deliver state-of-the-art services over a wide-range of disciplines. He received training as a cardiac specialist and was in charge of the Internal Medicine Clinical at Kimbrough Army Community Hospital, Ft. Mead, MD. Since his departure from the military, he became both a state-certified radiology technologist and a registered nurse. He maintains a current CPR certification. Mr. Sibley has authored and co-authored several published articles on his experience in vaccinia (smallpox) immunizations in our Clinic.



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