Occupational Health Consultants

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Our mission is to serve as health officers for the working population in the Washington Metropolitan Area.
We specialize in occupational health medicine; infectious, neglected tropical diseases;
and travel health medicine


Our Clients

Research | Environmental | Agencies | Universities | Construction | Multinational

Over the past quarter of a century we have served employees of 130 companies in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Biotechnical Research
Environmental Companies

Our Services

Clinic Services | On-site Services | Certified Travel Clinic

Clinic Services

OHC provides comprehensive, one-stop pre-employment and periodic physical exams for our clients' employees. We are certified to administer MRO drug testing and OSHA Respiratory protection and post-exposure prophylaxis and treatment. More

Onsite Services

OHC's onsite services range from workplace safety evaluations to training employees in order to mitigate health risks due to exposure to test animals or hazardous substances. Examples are the OSHA Exposure Plan and AED Program.

Travel Health Clinic

The Travel Clinic at OHC ensures that employees travelling on business are protected against infectious diseasses such as yellow fever and malaria, and such common maladies as vertigo and nausea. More

Our Staff

The OHC clinic is staffed by highly experienced medical staff trained in epidemiology.
The clinic is led by a medical director specialized in occupational medicine, in tropical medicine and in infectious diseases.

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Our clinic is accessible via an EXTERIOR entrance on the South Side of the building (photo on the right)


Occupational Health Consultants are one of Maryland's leading occupational health and travel advisory and immunization clinics. Our expertise is in occupational health, tropical medicine and infectious diseases. In addition, we run a comprehensive Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic for our corporate and individual clients.


Occupational Health Consultants
2301 Research Blvd, Ste 125
Rockville, MD 20850
P: 301.738.6420
Fax: 301.990.3534